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 Attention all spm graduates, a lil note here

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Attention all spm graduates, a lil note here Empty
PostSubject: Attention all spm graduates, a lil note here   Attention all spm graduates, a lil note here Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2007 4:37 pm

Dear SPM graduates

This week you should have recieved
your results. For those who are happy
with what they got, congratulations.
For those who aren't, don't worry. Its
not the end of the world. It may feel
like it, but it really isn't. Unless,
of course you failed miserably. Then
maybe you should be in despair. But
look on the bright side: your National
Service has yet to be extended to two

To the overachievers who faces are
splashed all over the media, I salute
you for a job well done. But please.
Please don't say you're not happy with
your results. Its like a millionaire
saying he feels poor next to Bill
Gates. So you get B for Biology - get
over it. Life will be a lot tougher on
you than a missed A or two will be. If
you cant deal with this, how will you
handle being fired from your future
job? Which you very well might be if
you don't stop being so whiney.

To those who said they 'didnt actually
study that hard' yet recieved stellar
results, you're either much smarter
than most of your peers or you're not
telling the truth. If its the former,
you should be a future leader in our
country. If its the latter, you should
be a politician. I don't see how else
one can do so wellin their SPM exams
if they weren't paying attention in
class, skipping tv to do revisions and
going through all the past years
questions. I did do all that, yet i
only recieved so-so results.

Not that theres anything wrong with
it, but to those who took 19 subjects,
i just have one question. Why? Was it
simply to prove something? Did you not
like having a life beyond your books?
OK, that was three questions, but I'm
not knocking anyone here. Im just
curious because i fail to see how
taking on so many subjects could be
beneficial to anyone. I would have
just read some books intstead of say,
taking the visual art class. But
reading a book doesnt get you an A.

All kidding aside, Im sure most of you
are happy about putting SPM behind
you. Unless you're going for STPM, its
goodbye to school uniform, strict
rules about hair and some of those
crazy, fierce teachers. Now that the
results are out, THAT CHAPTER OF YOUR

Some of you will go out into the
workplace. Some will continue studying
in tertiary education institution
locally or abroad. Whatever you end up
doing, remember that education is a
wonderful thing. School is only a part
be an Oxford graduate and still behave
like a bigot. And even after you have
stopped studying, remember that
education doesn't end. Trying a new
dish is education. Travelling, too.
Much of the skills you'll need in
life. unfortunately, aren't taught in

Above all, realise that while SPM
might mean the world to you today, it
will become virtually irrelevant in
the future. No one will offer you a
job simply because you scored 10As but
if you fall miserably in university.
Nor will they decline yu one if you
were an exceptional student in
college, simply because your SPM were

Your SPM certificate is but a piece of
paper. Your life, however, is yours to
live. How you live it is what make all
the difference.

just a lil id love to share Smile
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Attention all spm graduates, a lil note here
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